Choosing Your Soccer Cleats

Having the right shoes when you are playing soccer, or any other game is crucial. The appropriate footwear brings comfort and confidence on the field. This would enable you to give the best of yourself as the accrued confidence would positively impact on your performance. The right cleat would depend on your personal taste and the position that you play on the field.


Several brands have designed shoes as per the field position of the player. Goalkeepers, for instance, would be requiring cleats that offer a good traction. Players playing defensive would be needing more protection and comfortable shoes to make good passes. Midfield players require efficiency to be able to run on the field for a sustained period of time. Wingers need lightweight cleats that would enable them to move fast. Lightweight shoes would also be preferred by forward players since these would facilitate their strike.


Women soccer players would need different shoes from their male counterparts. Women’s feet tend to be narrower than those of men. Women’s cleats are thus made to provide them with a good enough fit to have control of the ball. However, some women might find comfort in men’s cleats. It all depends on their preferences.


Soccer shoes made for indoor games have flat rubber outsoles. These shoes are specially designed for futsal (or indoor soccer games that are played in gyms or recreation centres. These shoes have a lower fit and look more like sneakers.