Diadora Gamma Carbonio Shinguard Review

The Diadora Gamma Carbonio Shinguards have been specifically crafted for Francisco Totti. This was for the 2006 World Cup as Totti needed a robust, wraparound guard to protect his recently broken leg. These shinguards have helped him to get back into game earlier than expected and had provided him with the extra protection he needed.


These robust shinguards are made out of seven layers of Kevlar, no less, which is comparable to a standard bulletproof vest. Their bonding is made out of fiberglass ensuring that they stay lightweight and have a low profile fit. These make these guards the strongest, most advanced and quite probably the most durable ever made.


As such, the product is more recommended for professional players as it provides maximum protection that they might be needing from hours of practice and games. For amateur players this might constitute as too much of an investment. This would however, depend on the level of protection you are seeking. Afterall, you might never get too cautious when it comes to protecting your shins.


Another feature of this shinguard is that it is made of a “Coolmax” fabric backing which drives away moisture and keeps the lower leg cool. It also ensures that the guard does not slip around on your leg.


This shinguard is generally recommended for high level players or if you are recovering from a serious leg injury. These are probably one of the most robust shin guards in the market and provide protection all over the leg. Priced at $200 by Diadora, this is not the most affordable shinguard out there but might be worthwhile if you wish to avoid or are recovering from a leg injury.