Nike Portugal Supporter Ball Review

This Portugal team supporter ball comes in a predominantly crimson color with some gold. The team crest can be found in gold on the side. Opposite the small crest you would find a larger and more stylized crest. The gold crest bears the wordings of the team’s motto written in white.


The design, although being relatively simple, is effective and serves is functional. This ball would not necessarily be intended for a game but more as a display piece on a shelf or to play around with kids on the street or in the backyard.


This supporter ball is an inexpensive one and if you intend to play with it, it would be good for a pickup game in the street or just a casual game with your kids. Children might particularly find a liking to this ball. This is because its structure blends the classic hexagonal and pentagonal shapes stitched together. These seams give the ball waterproof attributes and keeps its spherical shape intact even after several uses.


Moreover, the panels are quite slick, which makes the ball quite resistant. Its PU casing is reinforced and as such it would easily take some beatings from constant use by kids. The classic paneling on the ball makes it an easy flying one which is ideal for younger players to learn the basics of the game.


This soccer ball is priced at $20 by Nike. If you are a Portugal team fan and are looking for a good tribute ball or if you are seeking an inexpensive ball for your kids, then you might want to check this ball out.