The Champion Within By Lauren Gregg, With Tim Nash – Book Review

The Champion Within…..Training for Excellence
By Lauren Gregg, With Tim Nash
JTC Sports

WSW reviews the recently released book “The Champion Within” of longtime National Team Assistant Head Coach and National U-20 National Team Head Coach Lauren Gregg. “it will become the reference for coaching girls/women’s soccer at the highest level”

Every facet of the women’s game is covered in the 300 plus pages of this comprehensive book that deliberately challenges the player to take control of her own destiny, and the coach to help develop that drive to greatness.

Like any encyclopedia one should not attempt to read it at one sitting, but use it for planning one’s own personal soccer journey step by step and chapter by chapter. For coaches trying to raise the level of their team it will be invaluable, for it covers not only tactical and technical parts of the game but discusses the psychological and physical needs in aiming for the game. Best of all the many quotes and opinions from players already near or at the top of the sport include not only their personal acceptance of responsibility for success or failure, but an overwhelming attitude of enjoyment of the game. Perhaps the most valuable teaching of all.

WSW recommends this book for girls over 12 years old, coaches of all ages, parents, siblings, spouses, boy friends and any one who wants to get a peek into why the United States girl/women soccer players are the best in the world… is no accident.