Basic Essential Soccer Gear

Soccer is quite a simple game and it especially requires minimal equipment to be effectively played. Even though you might be wearing anything for a casual match with friends, you will have to be correctly equipped when it comes to more serious games. The basic essential soccer gear promote the player’s game and protect from injuries.

Shirt and Shorts

These are the basic soccer apparel. Soccer shirts can be chosen with either short sleeves or long ones. The material of the shirt would need to be durable enough to prevent any tear during the game. If you are playing for a particular league or team, you will most probably be supplied with a team shirt. Shorts allow a good freedom of movement during a soccer game and they allow players to keep cool.

Shoes and Socks

The choice of your soccer shoes would depend on the surface on which the game is played. Cleats are ideal for games played on grass as they allow for a good grip on the soft surface. When playing on artificial grass or hard surfaces, cleats would not be necessary. Soccer socks need to be thick enough to provide adequate protection from blisters. Some players are known to wear a double layer of socks to prevent friction.

Protective Gear

Having the adequate protective gear is essential to prevent injuries. This is why players should be equipped with shin guards strapped around their lower legs. Goalkeepers would also need to be gloves to protect their hands.