Zen Meditation Clothing That Can Be Worn Anywhere

Hollywood actors have known the little secrets to happiness for a long time. Their everyday lives are so hectic that they have no choice but to create a sanctuary from the noise and clamor. Though we all envy actors like Sandra Bullock, imagine her trying to relax and enjoy a holiday anywhere in the world. It just isn’t possible. There are always paparazzi around to snap a few photos and spy on intimate moments.

Freedom to Enjoy Life

Now you can have the same sophisticated freedom in your own Meditation Refuge. This can be set up anywhere. Simply find a quiet space and furnish it with comfortable items. Some people choose a bedroom, closet or outdoor space.

If you have a garden where you could meditate, that would be ideal. You inhale the scent of roses mixed with morning dew. These are healing moments where you can rediscover your center and let go of the troubles and trials that life often throws at us. You become stronger and more focused during times like this. Your creative vibes are renewed. Your mental acuity is sharpened.

Zhang Xinyue has written a book called “Create Abundance” with wise sayings, such as:

“As for what has happened in the past, as for the dreams about the future, now reenact each of them with all your body, heart and soul.”

These Uma pants are 100 percent cotton:

Organic cotton is an excellent way to enjoy meditation while saving our natural resources:

This linen shirt and slacks set for men is comfortable and could be worn anywhere:

Zhang Xinyue has other quotes from her book:

“Go for a self-examination, dig deep into your selfhood. Find the root cause at the ideological level.”