Five reasons to wear proper soccer clothing

Summary: There are several advantages to wearing the proper clothing when playing soccer: It increases confidence, improves performance, provides increased protection and aids in recovery.

The clothing you wear for sport makes a significant difference to your outlook and performance. Here are five reasons why:


There are studies that show the impact of wearing the right clothing for your environment. The term “enclothed cognition” describes the confidence boost that comes from wearing clothing that you know will boost your performance. This is why teams only wear cheap soccer uniforms during practice sessions.


There are outfits that several sporting bodies ban because they shave off time in world record attempts. Just like that, there are other performance improvements that come from wearing the right clothes. For example, proper soccer shorts made from wicking breathable fabric will release heat and reduces the discomfort that can affect performance.


Just like using gloves in the gym reduces finger and hand injury, the right soccer shoes or goalkeeper gloves add protection to the player. Not only does the right equipment enhance your performance, but they also protect you from injuries.


Another difference between cheaper attire and proper gear is fit. Proper athletic clothing has a fit and feel that manufacturers optimize for playing conditions and player shapes. Cheaper gear might look the same but will fell very different.


Several studies show that wearing compression gear after an athletic effort improves recovery significantly. This is why professional athletes wear compression gear during a game so that they can get whatever benefits immediately after.