Signing Your Child Up for Soccer? Don’t Forget These Equipment Pieces

Article by Spike Soccer Store.

Summary: First-time soccer players require an assortment of equipment and gear to play. Here are some of the most important pieces that you’ll need to purchase.

Placing your son or daughter in a youth soccer league is a fun and exciting experience that builds both character and positive health. If they are playing for the first time, there are a few things you should know.

Shinguards and Cleats

First off, you’ll need to provide your child with adequate shinguards and cleats. Don’t settle for the low quality and cheap gear due to the fact that they aren’t just to help players maneuver around the field, but it also protects them from the rigors of a match. You’re likely placing them in a dangerous situation by opting for flimsy gear. Remember, shinguards and cleats aren’t optional.

Team Uniform

Secondly, the team that your son or daughter is playing for is going to provide a uniform. Depending on the club, it will either be a t-shirt or a jersey. Roughly half o the soccer clubs in your area will provide a matching pair of shorts and socks to go with the jersey – although this doesn’t apply to every club so be sure to get an idea of what the club supplies and what it doesn’t.

Extra Gear and Accessories

Lastly, and this is optional, you’ll want to provide him or her with a soccer ball and bag to carry any accessories, snacks or additional soccer equipment. It’s always important to stay prepared for any situation so be sure to carry extra gear with you at all times. While snacks are usually given out after practice, you can also stash some protein bars or sports drinks in their bag in the case they need an extra caloric boost. Remember, soccer is a demanding game that requires one to be in physical shape.

Training Outside the Team

Remember, joining a club doesn’t start and end on the field, you can also take the time to purchase some training equipment to help your child get better outside of practice. There are numerous soccer specialty stores that sell products that help with dribbling, shooting, and maneuvering. Take advantage of these items if you want to help your child build that confidence that he or she needs when stepping out onto that field for a match. As a first-timer, it’s difficult to come out with a full head of confidence, especially if you’ve never played the game before. By teaching your child the basics of soccer and the code of conduct that he or she must adhere to, you’ll provide a basic foundation that the coach can build upon. It’s a team game, and it involves you, the parent.