The Technology of adidas Soccer Cleats

When adidas entered the market in the 1920s, Adi Dassler was someone who considered himself a fan of all kinds of sports. He wanted to elevate the use of shoes, seeing a need for shoes to be more than just protective wear for the feet, and took this approach when he began manufacturing soccer boots during the 20s and 30s. As the beautiful game found worldwide recognition, makers like adidas elevated in popularity as the demand for quality gear soared.

Today, adidas stands out among the crowd for the technology incorporated in its cleats. Here are just some of the improvements made to adidas soccer cleats in recent years.

Kinds of Leather

One of the reasons why the adidas Copa Mundial has remained a quality boot is because of the leather used. Designed for the 1982 World Cup, where it got its namesake, the kangaroo leather of the upper portion conforms to the foot and feels sleek. The shoe maker is not afraid to experiment with different kinds of leather, including synthetic. The top rated F50 uses synthetic materials very effectively to help lessen weight.

Strike Zones

The stand out here is the adidas Power Predator. This shoe is designed with “fins” that protrude from the boot as you view it from toe to heel, and from bottom to top. This gives the player a wider strike zone to work with, which means better contact on the ball and a higher chance the shot will have good heft to it. Gel pads on the boot help aid the player with ball control, improving passing and dribbling with a rubber face for grip. All of these improvements are designed to give the player better control over where his or her shots go, how much power they have behind them and how accurate passes can be.


The so-called “Speed_Cell” is a piece of technology that offers some statistics to the player as he plays. It’s a small attachment to the shoe that amounts to a piece of wearable technology. It records distance travelled, max speed and other important statistics designed to get you motivated to work harder to improve. It’s clever, and it’s not limited to any one boot. So far, it’s been highly reviewed and comes with an app that is basic and easy to use.


One of the reasons adidas continues to dominate is its use of technology. The modern soccer player is looking for every opportunity to improve, and adidas has met that challenge with thoughtful design.