What About The Mental Game in Sports?

Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance

The top coaches around the country often talk about the mental game when it comes to their players. It’s a well-known fact that players who get in their head too much of the time and worry that their performance will not be good enough, can often sabotage themselves.

For any athlete, the mental game is vitally important. No matter how well trained and skilled the players are, if they don’t believe in themselves then they can flunk out. For athletes there is another area that is important. And that is the dialogue going on in their heads when they are playing.

We all know what this feels like. Anytime you have an important job interview or a presentation at work, you struggle with all the doubts and fears going through your mind. You wonder if you will mess up and make mistakes. You think about how it will affect your life if you do fail. Now imagine an athlete and what might be going on through his or her mind. Winning the game is the most important thing for any athlete regardless of the sports.

Players work hard and they want to win. They train constantly but most coaches these days understand that it takes more than physical prowess to win the game. The players need to believe in themselves. And how do you do this? There are some very unique ways to improve the conversation going on in your own head. You must realize how important it is that your thoughts be about winning and success. People who think about failure and have strong fears will often fall short when the pressure is on.

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