Women on the Ball By Sue Lopez – Book Review

Women on the Ball
A guide to women’s soccer
Sue Lopez

Paperback – 224 pages

Many of you will have read Sue Lopez’ reports in Women’s Soccer World magazine about the women’s game in England, or heard her talk at the NSCAA Convention.

This book is an interesting and often personal view of the development of women’s soccer in England from the first recorded game in 1895, through the trials tribulations and often outright opposition during the next 100 years.

Although the history is about soccer in England, the events will strike a chord somewhere in female soccer players around the world. She has given the book added dimension by comparing the game in her country with detailed descriptions of the current state of the game around the world, training programs, and the rapid rise to the top by teams in the United States and China.

Informative and entertaining this book will come in useful for all those 8-28 year old students who write and ask us to write a school paper for them on women’s soccer.

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